Top of our LIST: Franklin Planners

In 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey was published, and training and consulting based on its concepts were developed. In the 16 years following the book they have continued to example and refine how we can stay organized.

Franklin PlannersThe come in a large variety:

  1. Sizes: mini, small, medium, large and extra large
  2. Colors: solid, patterns, artist prints
  3. Texture: leather, hard cover, flexible
  4. Bound: spiral bound, ring binder, folded
  5. Interiors: ruled by day, week or month; room for tasks, goals and other tracking.

They have designed their PLANNERS around a science on how we can handle surprises and still remain on course.

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Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Imagination is a wonderful part of the journey in our service to our clients. It starts with our client’s passion for what they do. Creativity is sparked and ideas float in the air waiting to land. Can you tell we enjoy what we do?