Moniker Protection and Children’s Names

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Create the coolest baby announcement. Registering a baby’s name as a domain name is an affordable investment into a child’s future. Secure the digital real estate as a unique shower gift, birthday, holiday or graduation present. Domain names are a digital birth certificate for any newborn, child or teen. Kids have a better chance of being ‘noticed’ as they go through life when their name is secured. If you need help, we are a phone call away. Our customer care center is open 24/7 to assist you. ‘Privacy’ protection is available.


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Domain Privacy. How to keep your contact information private:
Domain Privacy acts as a secure boundary between you and the outside world. Your identity and privacy can be protected against:

  • Unsolicited e-mail and spam
  • Identity theft
  • Unwanted telephone solicitation
  • WHOIS queries
  • Fraudulent domain transfers

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You may want to receive and regulate what email the name receives. Check out our Email Plans. Email not only gives you a personalized address but powerful protection against viruses and spam. Create an email address based on your new domain purchase.

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Own a website you and your child can manage yourself with no experience. Need help getting started? Choose design and color combinations in our template library, including 120 pre-built websites!

baby name registrationAs parents…
we believe every child should have their name as a domain name to secure who they are. It secures the meaning of a name. For example Beyonce and Jay-Z secured the name of their newborn baby Blue Ivy to protect the name from being used by companies who want to capitalize on the name. Another way to look at domains is how our children are using the internet. Teachers post homework assignments online and kids send their homework to their teachers online. The internet is key their future and we can help them succeed.


Go West Design has been committed to developing websites since 1997. Our friendly, warm, and enthusiastic customer care center creates a safe and supportive atmosphere for people (kids included) to learn over the phone.

Go West Design focuses on building confidence and problem solving skills. Go West Design can share successful strategies with students so they can succeed on their own.

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