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3D effects in graphic designSome of the best effects we achieve is in Adobe Photoshop. In this program we can add effects, on top of effects:

  1. Beveling
  2. Embossing
  3. Spherize
  4. Highlights

Photoshop has lots of filters! The only issue here is scalability.

Unless there is a large capacity for memory in the hard drive the graphic is limited. Shrinking from the original size in the only option. Scaling up loses resolution and sharpness.

So what do you do?

Illustrator has the capacity for vector images with scalability. We can import images with effects into illustrator and try to translate it into vector and hope for a good outcome.

Illustrator’s 3D effects are limited in effectiveness.

embossing fontsSOLUTION
Start with an image, or font, that is already embossed. In Illustrator individual items can be selected for gradient shading.

In a quick search on, resulted in good library of fonts with embossed or bevel effects built in.

When you purchase a font with a bevel type effect you can often have a number of compatible choices in the same font family. This can add a consistency in all of your marketing communications. Here is one we liked:
bevel effects in fonts

Note the other styles in the font family called ‘weights’!

Using Illustrator for 3D Effects

This took some experimentation. Our client wanted a highlight effect similar to bevel and pillow emboss Photoshop. We tried importing from Photoshop without good results. Our efforts in Illustrator were limited to. But by using layers we were finally able to get the effect our client needed:

3 D Logo Testimonial

Color, Metallics, Varnish:

metalic effectsIllustrator has a wonderful blend tool and METALLIC color palettes. Our client wanted a fluorescent look. Here is the rub: Screen colors are different from printed colors. Colors on the monitor can be distorted by the type of device, how long the monitor has been running and brand.

RGB translation to CMYKPantone is a universal provider of color systems and translations. We use Pantone’s accurate communication of color when working with our clients. The color translations help us simulate the end color results.

Contact us for all your Graphic Design needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your desired results!
Photoshop effects

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

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