How we distinguish our Graphic Design from others in Santa Fe and beyond

RARE: Delivering all the different types of production files to clients is rare in the graphic design business. Unlike many other design services, we include all original, native files in the deliverables to our clients. Otherwise you don’t own the files and are dependent on that graphic designer for any changes or new materials.

VALUABLE: Doing all graphic design work in-house is highly valuable. We do not farm out work to other countries or other companies. Communication and turnaround time are better and faster.

MASTERFUL: We are masterful at meeting our clients’ needs quickly and with exceptional results.

SKILLS: We work in the latest versions of design software (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and other software applications) and can deliver up to 11 different file types.

PHILOSOPHY: We remain humble, invest in education, adapt to new advances in technology and keep a pulse on trends.

Graphic design can improve your business

INNOVATIONS: As time advances, graphics can become outdated. Did you know long-standing companies like Coca-Cola continue to improve their logo? Our graphic design skills can improve the tools you use to market your services, including logos.

Why is Graphic Design so important?

Neuroscientists from MIT have found that the human brain can process entire images the eye sees in as little as 13 milliseconds. We process images 60,000 times faster than we do words!

Babies distinguish black and white before they see red, orange, yellow and green. Blue and violet colors come later. Thus, universally red is used as the primary color for stop signs, yellow for yield signs, black and white for walk and don’t walk.

  • 13 milliseconds = Speed the human brain can process entire images 100% 100%
  • 6.5 seconds = How much time the brain needs to process words 6.5% 6.5%

We create graphic design for:

  • Branding – We incorporate your logo, colors and “look” on all materials, including graphic layouts.
  • Business Card Design – Graphic design involves the layout on one side or both sides of a business card, including designs for “umbrella” companies that need more than one logo displayed. We create files for spot varnish, foil printing and unique shapes.
  • Packaging Design – Graphic design is essential when regulations must be met. Packaging to consider include branded items such as label design, bags, boxes, box inerts, covers of all types, wrapping paper and even tissue.
  • Email Design – We are certified in email marketing for the 3rd year by Constant Contact. The layout and graphics we create have a science behind them. We optimized graphics to download quickly.
  • Infographics – We can translate facts or data into visual information for any topic, statistic, timeline, migration, report or restructure.
  • Flyer Design – Many think of flyers as being letter size, but as graphic designers we create different size flyers for the locations they will be distributed to.
  • Brochure Design – As graphic designers, we do more than gate- and fan-fold brochures. For example, we know the importance of the design of the top 3 inches of a brochure in a display rack in order to stand out and appeal to an audience.
  • Label Design – Graphic design makes it possible to fit regulation information, copyright credits, time stamps and more on small spaces. Skills we have include creating overlay files and die cuts.
  • Trade Shows – As graphic designers, we have created graphics for pop-up booths, custom floor plans, and even flags!
  • Imprinted Products – Graphic design comes into play when symbols must be reduced to one color or sized to fit in certain “real estate” space. Making phone numbers readable in a small spot can be critical.
  • Sticker Design – One of the best ways to share your brand! As graphic designers we know stickers are a great option.
  • Program Design – Event programs can become a collectible as well as evidence of the person’s expertise.
  • Sign Designer – Graphic design is used in environmental signs, directional signs, banners, billboards and photo props. Let us know if you want to see examples.
  • Postcard Design – Graphic design can help you with an EDD mailing (Every Day Direct Mail Advertising) and other ways to utilize postcards to your advantage.
  • Signs – Graphic design is used in environmental signs, directional signs, banners, and photo props. Let us know if you want to see examples.
  • Social Media Design – Graphics are the visual candy on social media. We composite photos, graphics and text composites for ultimate impact.
  • Annual Report Design – Success in annual reports and applications is based on studies and statistics we are well versed in.
  • Video Design – We create graphics for movie trailers, bookends at the beginning and ending of videos, still images and to index important segments in videos.
  • Sales Sheets – These are often the first item a buyer or consumer sees, looks for and refers to.
  • Website Designers – Graphic design is essential used when needing a “style” to convey important messages. Graphic design can visually tell your story.


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Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Imagination is a wonderful part of the journey in our service to our clients. It starts with our client’s passion for what they do. Creativity is sparked and ideas float in the air waiting to land. Can you tell we enjoy what we do?