5 Holiday Greeting Card TrendsHoliday Stationery Trends

1. Personalized Cards + Variety?!

Photo greeting cards started the movement in personalized holiday cards. What’s happened since is amazing. One of our favorite companies lets you create a personalized card AND lets you choose what you want in a variety pack.

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2. Real Foil, Gilded, Stamped Greeting Cards

You will notice this trend in stationary stores. Greeting cards have more sparkle, bling and additional elements added to them than ever before. Now you can choose the color of foil you want, recycled paper and even other cool elements like wood! Here are samples from this company that gives back!

3. Handmade Cards

Sending a handmade card brings us back to a time when evenings were more time was spent making things. If you have some little elves in your house, put them to play. Almost any crayola, marker, pencil or brush will do. DIY ideas are abundant on Pinterest. Go to it!

4. Online cards (paperless) and sometimes FREE!

Going paperless this year? We like this idea too. Online cards from PaperlessPost.com allows you to send greetings and invitations free and in print. We use Constant Contact to maintain our email database and MailChimp. Hallmark eCards displays contemporary and traditional themes while also staying current with our favorite characters like FROZEN.  

5. The new Forever Stamps polish your envelopes and postcards. See the latest from the USPS:



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