9-steps-to-online-successInfo Graphic Designers

As graphic designers we stay current on the latest trends.

For example:

  1. What is the ideal page count for an Annual Report?
  2. What is the open rate for info graphics in e-mail messaging?
  3. What social media website has the most examples of Info-Graphics?
  4. How can info graphics help your business?

RIGHT: Only one example of an info graphic. 

What can an info graphic contain?

Types of Infographics:

• Pictograms
• Icons
• Charts
• Logos
• Geo-Maping
• Photos of Real People
• Fonts
• Layout (ex: Z-Design)

Infographics Usages:

Annual Reports online
Webinars and Websites


Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Imagination is a wonderful part of the journey in our service to our clients. It starts with our client’s passion for what they do. Creativity is sparked and ideas float in the air waiting to land. Can you tell we enjoy what we do?