10 Visual Content Trends with Remarkable Results

The startling impact we create as a designers:

THE BRAIN processes visual info 60,000 X faster than text

Content marketing COSTS 62% LESS than traditional marketing and generates 3 TIMES as many leads.

Visual content is 40 X MORE LIKELY to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Graphics communicate DATA in nanoseconds

Data visuals and visual queues = engage and motivate

The remarkable trends:

72.8% more likes on FACEBOOK when an infographic uses illustrations instead of graphs and charts to explain data

38.5% more tweets on TWITTER when graphics have large fonts

41% more likely to be shared on a site when graphics are vertical instead of horizontal

Photographs – actual images, not stock, of real people or things stimulates a HIGHER RESPONSE than having none

Logos – IDENTIFY an organization, products or services, by an emblem, symbol, sign or mark. They will change with our mobile devices

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Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Imagination is a wonderful part of the journey in our service to our clients. It starts with our client’s passion for what they do. Creativity is sparked and ideas float in the air waiting to land. Can you tell we enjoy what we do?