Search Engine OptimizationSEO for short, is similar to a time in our past when you had to find your topic in the phone book or library by thinking of the category your topic falls under. You had to put yourself in the shoes of a librarian and guess what category that person thought of.

SEO takes out the guess work. It is all about proof in numbers. It is not about the lens from which we see the world. SEO shows how everyone else thinks of your topic. It is about actual factual results.

We give you the words people are searching for allowing you to really reach your audience. SEO is about proof, not guess work.

What Search Engine Optimization – SEO does:

  1. 20 years ago Google started replacing the phone book. Showing up on the first page, first screen, on smart devices in Google is essential.
  2. Ranking on Search Engines at the top is the 1st connection, or touch, with your target market. The 2nd connection, or touch, is your website.
  3. SEO services guides all your marketing efforts: It guides you say on your website, on printed materials, on voice mail, in email, in conversation and social media. It tells you how your target market looks for what you do.
  4. Search Engine services allow you to rank naturally (organically) vs. a paid placement users ignore.
  5. Search Engine Services can help your business show up in the field of vision for more than one keyword/phrase. For example: someone with lower back pain may look for a chiropractor AND also see a personal trainer who works with back issues (in the field of vision).

Our Search Engine services can give you 30% more traffic coming to your website.**

COST **We have 3 payment/package options to fit almost any budget. NOTE: The time it takes to see results is dependent on the package selected.

Video by Michael Boyko, Go West Design

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

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