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What would it mean to you and/or your family to decrease your amount of work and increase your income by a minimum of 10% next year? We are offering a PROVEN program.

This Course addresses the 3 Gripping Issues Organizations Face:

1. Confusion on where to focus
2. Fear and hatred of marketing
3. Lack of consistency

Stephanie West

Stephanie West

INSTRUCTOR: Internet Marketing Executive, Award Winning Designer

Susanne Kennedy

Susanne Kennedy

INSTRUCTOR: Networking for Introverts - Business Strategist,Award Winning Speaker


This information is proprietary to Go West Design/Stephanie West and Networking For Introverts/Susanne Kennedy. Information contained in this document represents 30 years of acquired knowledge. Copyright belongs Go West Design/Stephanie West with all rights reserved. Information herein is protected. Distribution and/or rebranding of any kind is punishable by law.

Each workshop includes:

A Marketing Foundation for Any Business

Susanne Kennedy & Stephanie West

A new beginning starts now: Now it the perfect time jump ahead with a strategy backed by facts. Some material you may already know. Try to do every exercise to refresh, reaffirm, and renew your commitment.

This information is designed to identify where you are missing out, to discover new opportunities, and help you expand on insights you discover.

If you get stuck, consider taking one of the live courses offered or a private consultation.

Designed to help you have fun practicing new skills are 30-day or 14-day focused activities in each series. I encourage you not to skip these activities. They will give you understanding of key actions that work best for your audiences.

The results will be insightful and help you continue to target your goals. Each activity is designed to expand the scope of your audience and help you gain insights into their views.

Choose one business you want to take to the next level. Multiple names or brands per individual will create chaos for you. You must have experience opening and receiving email, using a laptop and the Internet. Exclusive users of smartphones will not get the full benefit of this program.

Different platforms will be used as model tools for marketing. What you learn may be applied to other suppliers and platforms at your discretion. The curriculum allows you to move at your own pace.

Track. Measure. Assess.
If you’re hoping to make the best of this experience, measure and assess your activities and results throughout.


Action Method Planner – 2/3rds dot matrix space to make notes, sketch, mind map and flow your thoughts, with a 1/3rd highlight color with check area to prioritize.
Action Method Pad (Blue) – loose sheets for easy carry or notebook placement
Lastpass: Password Keeper