PLANNING – Questions for Why, Vision and Mission


What part of your business feels most natural to you?

What is your true specialty or area of expertise?

What outcome do you desire for your clients?

What makes that important to you?

Which clients seem to come to you most naturally?

What do you like best about what you do and why?

Describe the rewards and sense of gratification you receive from your work.

When is the first time you can remember having a similar feeling?

What about that was so memorable to you?

How does that relate to how or why you help your clients?


Imagine you are talking to people about your business five years from now. What do you want to be saying is happening in the world as a result of your company?

Who is benefiting and in what ways?

What is being achieved? What are you celebrating?

What impact or difference is being made?

If the local newspaper writes an article about your company, what will it say about your local presence?

What does your team look like?

Who else is working with you?

Do you have multiple locations?

How would your employees describe working for your company?

What kinds of clients are you attracting?

How are families and children impacted?


What do you do?

What is the purpose of what you do?

What are your highest values around what you do?

What would be missing from the world if your business did not exist?

What do you want to achieve through your business?

What do the people who benefit from your company need?

How do you help them meet those needs?

What do people think of when they think of your business?

What is inspiring about it?