Planning – Take a Marketing Assessment

Do you have a high or low season?

A typical low season may be April 15/Tax Day. Create a self-appointment to work on marketing during slow periods. Calendar it!

Have you created a marketing budget?

Keep your marketing fresh. Offset surprises. Set a marketing budget that includes: education, software purchases like customer management systems, creative writing, etc.

Do you know how people search for your business?

Have you done any search engine research in the last 6 months? Simple ways to check up on your own business is to use the ‘Incognito’ browser to search.

Are any of your social media sites incomplete or out of date?

Address each social site one-by-one. Go through the latest options/updates on the platform. Look at your ‘about’ profile. Make corrections and additions.

When was the last time you had a professional photo taken of yourself?

Any photo over 5 years old is too old to use. You need branded photography.

What types of interruptions do you experience in your day-to-day?

How is your support system? Who can you hand off work to? Do they need more education or information to step in?