Planning – Referral Marketing Baseline

Rate your current referral system on a 1-5 scale: 1 = Never | 3 = Sometimes | 5 = Always

I know why I am in this business. ____

I can easily express this ‘why’ to others. ____

I know what sets me apart from my competition. ____

My business image and business aspirations are aligned. ____

I know the demographics of my target market. ____

I know the psychographics of my target market. ____

I can clearly describe my target market. ____

I understand where my target market hangs out. ____

I prioritize my networking efforts based on my target market. ____

I know what professions can connect me to my target market. ____

I receive consistent referrals from my clients. ____

I receive consistent referrals from my professional contacts. ____

I know how to measure the level of my referral relationships. ____

I understand how to improve the level of my relationships. ____

I know my next step with each referral source to move the relationship forward. ____

I invest more than 2 hours per week in deepening my relationships. ____

I attend networking events regularly. ____

I have relationship-building strategies scheduled with my sources. ____

My referral sources can talk about me and my business with confidence. ____

I have chosen social media platforms with my specific target in mind. ____