Criteria for choosing a great Search Engine Optimization company.

1. THE BOTTOM LINE: Get solid proof of their capabilities.
reviews for SEO services2. COST vs. VALUE: Cost is definitely a dealmaker or deal breaker. Don’t let sticker shock blind you from your goals in step one.

What you may need most are qualified customers coming to your website NOW. Getting traffic to your website is the first step. If the improvement you are making in ranking and traffic to your website is not resulting in sales, other aspects need to be examined.

3. COMMUNICATE AND LEARN: You should never be in the dark about your investment.

A good SEO service provider should routinely deliver accountability reports.

4. FIND AN ALLY: Committed to Quality and committed to YOU.

5. Maintain the Quality of Your Investment

If you are not letting your SEO provider manage and maintain your website be sure to keep the platform, theme and plugins up to date. Your content should be kept fresh including simple details such as your copyright date. It’s the new year. Have you let Google know?

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

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