10 Side Effects of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips

91% of all smart phone users view email on their phone. Get Visual!!

Be consistent. 

Headlines should be not contain special characters.

Keep your subject line to 5-8 words.

Personalized Customization

Personalize your emails to address individuals specifically. 

Continue to check on email bounces. You might have a spelling error you can fix.

Creating master templates can save you time and energy.

10 Side Effects of Email Marketing

  1. Email is estimated to be 6X more effective than social media
  2. Compliant with security regulations preventing SPAM related issues
  3. Email can be customized to an individual
  4. Email campaigns can be highly targeted
  5. Ability to create master templates with branding consistency. Professionalism and branding builds credibility.
  6. You can create a group and even segment within a group
  7. Content, particularly images, documents and video, can reach your readership
  8. You can delay and deploy email to specific dates and times
  9. You can create automated responders
  10. You can track for return on your investment. See what is effective and what is not.

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