In the graphic design industry the emphasis is to provide the best and most innovative designs for clients. After all, if the latest technology and best design practices aren’t being used, a company or individual won’t get any business.

While technology and skill are important, many graphic designers forget the most crucial factor that keeps clients coming back: customer service. If your customer service is lacking, so too will your business.

In one case a prospective client, after exhaustive research, decided that we had the best logo design package for the price, so he came to us with his design need. He wanted a unique logo, something that would make his business stand out from the rest, something that would reflect his name and trade and make them memorable.

We discussed ideas like using different fonts (decorative, classic and modern) and using a photograph of himself he wanted us to include. He also liked the idea of incorporating his initials with an image of a camera or shutter.

Our first step was to get his approval on which fonts he liked best. Then, in our first round of deliveries, we created several samples of his business name using his chosen fonts along with his picture. We thought we had some great ideas. But…

…our client was not happy.

It seemed we hadn’t captured the idea he was looking for. It was then that we realized he wanted an icon only, not a design that included his business name. We apologized and started over, determined to deliver the best for our client.

Working closely with us, he sent an image of a camera shutter, along with other icons, that he wanted us to incorporate into our design concepts.

After the next round of concepts, he still wasn’t satisfied, so we called to discuss it with him. We found that what he really wanted from us was our opinion about the designs we had sent him. He needed assurance that what was being given to him was going to be exactly what he wanted. We discussed what he liked best out of all the samples, and we ended up recommending the first concept—an image of himself with his full business name in the font he liked most—even though he wasn’t sold on it initially.

After giving our reasons why this first concept worked well for him, his perspective changed completely. He loved it! He realized the icon represented the joy and pride he had in his profession. And with the picture of himself, he was assured his logo would be uniquely his and no other would be the same.

This is the essence of customer service: close communication and a willingness to go back and redo your work to ensure your clients get what they want. Spend the time and energy to produce excellent work and listen to your customers. Then you will always have success as a graphic designer.

The Key to Successful Customer Service

Our client continues to use our services. After placing the logo in his website he asked us to design his business cards. We recommended a printer that allows different backings to a single front for the same price as one design. Our client sent us the images he wanted to use which we scaled and cropped. The business cards will have a soft velvet finish as compared to a glossy or matte and the paper will be extra thick.

“Stephanie, at Go West Design, did two projects for me in May and June of 2017. One was designing a logo for my photography business, and the other was design of new business cards.

She was creative and thoughtful in what she proposed. There were several concepts suggested. My logo gives my website and cards a very artistic professional look, and employs good branding for my photographic art business.

I would recommend Stephanie at Go West Design for this type of work.”

Lee Loventhal

Photographer, Lee Loventhal Photography

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Imagination is a wonderful part of the journey in our service to our clients. It starts with our client’s passion for what they do. Creativity is sparked and ideas float in the air waiting to land. Can you tell we enjoy what we do?