The Outstanding Marketing Success Program

Susanne Kennedy

Susanne Kennedy

Referral Networking Expert

Passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs, franchise teams and individuals who want more business referrals. An expert in building team leadership, networking and strategic planning. Noted in Northern New Mexico for community leadership, public speaking and economic growth. Skilled group trainer, listening and communications. Experienced helping introverts succeed in public appearances, selling and networking.

Stephanie West

Stephanie West

Marketing Executive

Proven ability to create and increase brand awareness, exposure and profits in competitive industries. Certified coach effective in helping solo entrepreneurs, nonprofits and groups strategize, problem-solve and increase visibility. Skilled in search engine marketing, visual design, and email marketing for returns on investments. Professional website designer and graphic designer.

Industry Specific

Industry Specific


Sneak Peek: We have handpicked experts in different areas of marketing to visit these events. Enjoy the clarity they have in marketing. Their unique insights will bring new perspectives, inspire growth and change. It’s time to give your business the attention it deserves!

Questions? Call Stephanie at 505-303-1551.

ONE or ALL courses available:

12 Webinars 30-min. ea.

4 Workshops 1-hr each

2 Appreciation Experiences – 1-hr ea.

2 30-Day Referral Challenges – Practicing your ability to assess and initiate things independently

2 Online 14-Day Challenges – Practicing your ability to engage and gather information for the challenge

Different platforms will be used as model tools for marketing. What you learn may be applied to other suppliers at your discretion. Curriculum can change based on participants.

Space is limited. 

Webinars, Workshops, Referral Initiatives and 14-Day Challenges

Exceptions: If you can not attend a live webinar we will make the information available to you using ZOOM recorded sessions.

COST: One time low cost of $691.00 (includes tax) when paid ahead. After program launch the cost increases to $791.00Accepted: MC, VISA, American Express and Discover. Click PayPal on any of your devices and enter 391.00 to pay for the program/year.


One business you want to take to the next level. Multiple names or brands per person not accepted. You must be experienced opening and receiving email, using a laptop and the internet. Exclusive users of smartphones will not get the full benefit of this program.


Action Method Planner – 2/3rds dot matrix space to make notes, sketch, mind map and flow your thoughts, with a 1/3rd highlight color with check area to prioritize.
Action Method Pad (Blue) – loose sheets for easy carry or notebook placement
Lastpass: Password Keeper

12 Webinars

30-minutes each, recorded

A new beginning starts now: What would it mean to you and / or your family to decrease your amount of work and increase your income by a minimum of 10% next year? We are offering a PROVEN program with a money back guarantee if you jump ALL in. Access what is happening now in marketing and what is forecasted in the market. You want to jump ahead and be ready.

The sneak peek we can give you that is not proprietary includes:
1. Industry specific dates and times to send marketing messages
2. USP techniques that work and why
3. The critical components of a complete referral marketing plan
4. How to save time, energy and money without losing effectiveness
5. Marketing trends and forecasts for 2020-2021

4 Workshops

1-hour each, 1-per/qtr.

Kickstarting your marketing is even more powerful when you are present. These workshops are designed to help identify where you are missing out, hear new ideas and help you explore your insights. They are best if experienced in person. Remote learning is available through our Zoom account or when you can’t make a workshop.

2 Appreciation Experiences

1-hour events

Content: Socialize with your fellow participants, invite important contacts and expand your networking circle. This is an opportunity to use what you have learned in a fun and relaxing environment. 

2 30-Day Referral Challenges

Intensives: With our guidance, you generating referrals for 30 consecutive days. This fun event has a prize for the most referrals. You’ll gain an understanding of key actions that works best for your audiences. We will also uncover dos and don’ts in debrief.


2 Online 14-Day Challenges

FUN & Entertaining: These challenges are designed to help you have fun and interact with your clients. The results will be insightful and help you continue to target your goal(s). This includes: learning how to grow a healthy contact list; identify relationships to nurture; gaining insight. Each activity is designed to see the scope of your audience and insights into their views.

Final Words

Track, Measure, Assess

Challenge: If you’re hoping to make the best of this offer, we will be helping you track, measure and assess throughout this experience. At the end of the experience we will have a celebration of the experience to help you reflect and build momentum for the future.