We started in 1997

Go West Design launched in 1997. Back then we used Frontpage and code to create websites. Thankfully managing web sites has gotten a whole lot easier!

We are always on the learning curve and humble. It is impossible to know it all, technology is moving at the speed of light! When our clients show us something new we love it. We have a vast knowledge and experience in software applications, coding languages, browsers and one of the most important areas today:  SEO – search engine optimization. Color, speed and design are our playground. Come play with us.

Our clients have great ideas. Helping our clients make connections through graphics and the web is exciting for us and we hope contagious for you. The collaboration makes our clients successful. The rewards are many, not to mention long-standing relationships.

We have an irresistible thirst for learning and attraction to design. Our research on every project results in ‘ahha’ moments. There is always something to learn for everyone. We push ourselves and enjoy being humble.

Press: WESST Santa Fe Business Incubator

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