Dynamic, results-oriented marketing team with multifaceted experience in all areas of brand development, print and Internet promotions. Highly skilled in communications, consulting and strategy. 26 years in website development, domain names and graphics for logos, business cards and printed giveaways. Life long learners, courageous adaptors with open hearts passionate about serving.

Trained to facilitate growth, expand your vision, create options and ideas. Seeing a larger picture outside your normal can help you manage that next step.

Our range depends on the expertise you need. Frequency can help lower our hourly rate. Generally speaking, we are $65, $95-$150 per hour depending on the tasks. This rate may include research we may do upfront before meeting and follow through checks.

Hourly Instruction
If you want to learn how to do something yourself, we offer hourly rates. The more hours you pay for upfront, the lower the cost. View here.

Contact us Monday through Friday at 619-800-1063.