Public Speaking

We hold speaking engagements regularly. Here are a few topics to consider for your group or organization:

Monthly ART Teaching at Artisans Santa Fe

Family Tragedy

June 22 – Smart Graphics, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
April 30 – Email Marketing, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
February 2 – Digital Tools, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM

July 29 – Rapid Changes in Email Marketing, Women of Santa Fe
May 28-July 16 – Private Zoom Teaching – Marketing for Artists
May 29 – 2021 Email Marketing Facts and Trends – 1-min video
Apr 7 – Facts for Meaningful Engagement using Email Marketing – 2-min video
January 28 –3 Gripping Issues Organizations Face – course

December 4 – How to Use YouTube to Market Your Art, Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective
September 12 – Email Marketing, Give your business a competitive edge, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
May 20 – Graphic Design Show and Tell, color meanings, logo color popularity, and more! 1-minute Video
February 12 – Test Your Graphic Design Knowledge, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM

November 13 – Why Email Marketing? 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
August 28 – “The Power of Clarity” – Fundamental Success for 2020 (Offer), 9:00am, NM
May through November – WORKSHOPS in Email Marketing, hosted by Graphic Sky
April 24 – Speaker: Email in 2019 – what matters most, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
January 19 – Email Marketing Beyond the Basics, 9am-4:00pm Prana Blessings, 1925 Rosina St unit c, Santa Fe
January 9 – Speaker: 3-Steps to Success in Email Marketing Speaking Event, 8am-9:30am Phoenix Rising, NM
January 5 – Email Marketing Workshop, Perfect for Artists, 9am-4:00pm Prana Blessings, 1925 Rosina St unit c, Santa Fe

December 8 – on 1260AM | 103.7FM KTRC Radio Bridget Dixson Interviews Stephanie West between 11am – 12pm in Business Matters with the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce
December 1 – Presenting on panel of Experts for Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, Alb., NM
September 12 – Speaker: Marketing with Every Email – Phoenix Rising, NM
June 30 – Creative Artist Problem Solving Opportunity, WESST- business incubator, NM
May 16 – Speaker: 5-Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer – Phoenix Rising, NM
May 15 – Email Marketing Workshop for Artists, 10-12noon Graphic Sky Printing, NM
May 11 – 2 Sessions 1. Mastering the Basics of Email Marketing Workshop, 2. Beyond the Basics Workshop, WESST- business incubator, NM
Apr. 3 – Speaker: The Power of the Inbox, E-Mail Bootcamp, HERA HUB Mission Valley, CA
Feb. 21 – Lunch-N-Learn, The Power of Email, Best Practices for Results Workshop, WESST- business incubator, NM
Feb. 14 – Speaker: Feel, Touch and Experience Leading Edge Graphics – Phoenix Rising, NM

Nov. 15 – Speaker: 10 Side Effects of Email Marketing – Phoenix Rising, NM
Oct. 24 – Speaker: Build Your BRAND – Using Story – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, CA
Aug. 9 – Speaker: 10 Visual Content Trends with Remarkable Results, Phoenix Rising, NM
Jun. 13 – Speaker: 8 Steps to Building a Highly Visible On-line Presence – Tuesdays Together, Los Alamos, NM
May 24 – Speaker: Graphic Design: 3 Ways We Differentiate in Services, Phoenix Rising, NM
Mar. 22 – Top Secrets to Small Business Growth Workshop –WESST- business incubator, NM
Feb. 27 – Speaker: Business Start Up, Before Graduation – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, CA
Feb 1 – Speaker: 10 Graphics to Watch & How You Can Stand Out, Phoenix Rising, NM

Nov. 30 -Speaker: What will Graphic Design look like in the Future?, Phoenix Rising, NM
Nov. 2 – Speaker: How To Qualify a Good Web Designer, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, CA
Sep. 28 – Speaker: Smart Collaborative Marketers – 5 White Label Experts, Design Corps, NM
Sep. 7 – Speaker: Incredibly Smart Graphic Design, Phoenix Rising, NM
Aug. 3 – Speaker: How to Reach your Demographic, PMS Presbyterian Medical Services, NM
Jun. 8 – Speaker: When Ranking High on Google Means ZIP, Phoenix Rising, NM
May 11 – Workshop: Cultural Trends in Marketing: Targeting Demographics, Website Calls to Action Trends, How to have a Target Mailing, Building Your Referral Network, WESST- business incubator, NM
Feb. 25 – Speaker: Top Trends from the Experts: Online Lead Generation, How Content Matters, Pulse on Technology, Image Trends, Hera Hub, CA
Feb. 25 – Speaker: How to Qualify a Good Web Designer, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, CA
Feb. 11 – Speaker: Bring You HOT Marketing Questions – Learn the TOP trends from the Experts, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, NM

Dec. 2 – Speaker: How to Refer “Search Engine Optimization – SEO”, Business Networking International, NM
Nov. 2 – Speaker: 7 Steps To Success, Online, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, CA
Sep. 18 – Speaker: How Much Does It Cost to Own a Website?, Business Builders, NM
Aug. 13 – Speaker: Domain Names: THE GOLDEN KEY, Business Builders, NM

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