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If you want to do it yourself, we can teach you how to customize your own emails, upload your list(s) and apply other savvy techniques. Having a safe, reliable database for holding, viewing and tracking your clients is essential.

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Email Marketing Services

Service Type

Account SETUP

For Start-up

  • Set-up a Constant Contact account with client information, images and contact information
  • Assist client in collection process including insertion of sign-up form on website
  • Select and customize communications template with client’s colors, logo and desired format
  • Upload client contact into specified interest categories (list)


For Managed Services
includes Start-up Services

Develop a comprehensive communications strategy for client that will include:

  • An analysis of customer acquisition strategies
  • An analysis of existing contact information and strategies to maximize response
  • A communications framework including communication formats, frequency, content ideas and measurement



  • Select appropriate campaign template based on client goals
  • Customize email campaign using client’s branding, logos, social media channels
  • Image optimization: sizing, editing, resizing


  • Content calendar creation
  • Additional template creation (e.g., for sales or holidays)
  • One-on-one product training



  • Add client-approved content, subject line
  • Add a permission reminder if desired
  • Campaign scheduling
  • On-call support


  • Overall project management
  • Ongoing campaign reporting
  • Campaign auditing, resends
  • On-call support




  • 12-month content guide/planner/li>
  • Tips on best email practices
  • (You choose) when to deploy your emails
  • Consultations available for your unique industry should you want more email marketing support and training

$45/per plan



  • Share yourself, or brand, with every email
  • Help existing and new customers reach you
  • Update your email strategy
  • Look sharp each time you send an email
  • Includes sizing of your logo, photo or both
    Up to 4 revisions in text and colors

$135/first setup
$67/annual update


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