Why Your Brand Need Logo Variations

Website Logos appear as: 468 x 60 pixels (you may also need: horizontal  250 x 150 pixels; 350 x 75 pixels; or 400 x 100 pixels and vertically 160 x 160 pixels)

Favicon sizes for your website bookmarking icon that shows up next to the webpage title in the search bar, and favorites list appear as: 16 x 16 pixels (most common) 32 x 32 pixels

Common logo variations you should consider for use on your website and elsewhere:

  1. Horizontal, square and vertical
  2. Black, white, full color and inverse color
  3. Regular background and transparent background
  4. Full logo, icon only and limited text or single letter/monogram
Having someone you can trust, share your ideas and get feedback is essential. If you want to show us a sketch, color swatch or just to hear your ideas to get our feedback we are happy to provide a FREE consultation.

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