10 Visual Content Trends with Remarkable Results

The startling impact we create as a designers:

THE BRAIN processes visual info 60,000 X faster than text

Content marketing COSTS 62% LESS than traditional marketing and generates 3 TIMES as many leads.

Visual content is 40 X MORE LIKELY to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Graphics communicate DATA in nanoseconds

Data visuals and visual queues = engage and motivate

The remarkable trends:

72.8% more likes on FACEBOOK when an infographic uses illustrations instead of graphs and charts to explain data

38.5% more tweets on TWITTER when graphics have large fonts

41% more likely to be shared on a site when graphics are vertical instead of horizontal

Photographs – actual images, not stock, of real people or things stimulates a HIGHER RESPONSE than having none

Logos – IDENTIFY an organization, products or services, by an emblem, symbol, sign or mark. They will change with our mobile devices