Infographic Design Trends

The world of infographic design is constantly changing to best represent the wants and needs of the people who use design for business or personal use. Keeping up with infographic trends means making changes to keep up with what attracts the eye of consumers, browsers or business owners. A great logo can help a company, blog, or personal website thrive, while an out-of-date approach will leave the user looking out of touch with what is trending and driving web traffic. So, what are the most notable trends for infographic design?

Tips for great infographic design Color! The color palette is back and in a big way. Newer trends call for more color and color used in bold ways; a move away from the black/white and grayscale that has been so popular in the past. Current design trends are focusing on colors that clash rather than complement, to make logos, websites and designs stand out and grab attention. Whether pastel or retro, color is back and taking over.

Patterns. Patterns, while a design staple, have become overused in the past and designers have moved away in favor of simple motifs. However, like a cheetah striped rubber band, designs are back but in a subtler capacity. Patterns embracing color or nature are a popular choice to set designs apart, add sophistication and depth.

Bold Lettering. Large, stylized fonts have become a type of logo on their own. Large, bold lettering grabs attention and gives the feeling of assurance and stability. When mixed with the right pops of color or pattern, a strong logo or design is created that will draw attention and portray confidence.

Infographic Design Trends

San Diego real estate agent Arianna Schwarz had us brand her pre-listing package with Keller Williams beige, dark charcoal and red. We used large fonts, red headers and info graphics to communicate her information visually.

Quality Photos. Professional photos of real life have become a staple in modern design trends. whether at work or rest, photos of people or places capture attention and nothing tells a story better than a good picture. With the rise of picture sharing sites like Instagram, real-life photos are becoming a trendy choice to draw attention to websites or webpages and give the feeling of authenticity.

When considering changing up a design for a business or personal web page, consider investing in a quality design that will convey a sense of your website’s purpose. While the current trends are leaning toward the bold, mixing too many trendy aspects may become overwhelming. Stick to the simple and keep a clear design goal in mind to achieve the most effective design.

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Author: Stephanie West

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