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Constant Contact 2008 All Star
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Born from a quest to simplify...

"It's easy to explain simple things so they seem to be complex...
to explain complex things so they seem easy - that's the real challenge!"

The Ancient Palm is a metaphor for timeless wisdom (ANCIENT) and seeding growth (fruit from the PALM Tree). My team offers clients helping hands (PALM), to help put aspirations and dreams into action. Our quest is to stay on top of what's new, streamline, accelerate and simplify business and professional growth. We look forward to sharing my expertise, experts and specialists with you.

Free consultation.
Personal Statement: I am honored and privileged to serve you. Your first 30 minute consultation is free. I look forward to knowing your goals.

Team, because no one can know it all.

Simon - Web Architect
With nearly 30 years experience in the web and graphics industries both in the USA and his native England, Simon has a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide the right solutions for a clients needs.

From simple websites and CMS/Wordpress sites to corporate intranet systems or creating and managing eCommerce Simon has worked on a wide range of different sizes and types of websites.

Simon loves learning and experimenting with new techniques and technologies and is especially adept at solving technical problems by bringing a fresh perspective to achieve customer focused results.

Marc - Strategist
Creative and competitive strategics are his specialty. With a background in several marketing industries, Marc is an expert in communications, branding, and consulting. When Marc isn’t strategizing about marketing campaigns, website development, SEO and social media, he’s busy organizing online marketing courses.

Marc is a sought after speaker and teacher, with a portfolio of presentations to groups of all sizes around the country. Topics include: SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing, Overcoming Your Fear of Networking, Social Media & Networking, and How to Sell Products Through Affiliate Marketing.

Stephanie - proprietor
Highly skilled in corporate communications, consulting and coaching with strong entrepreneurial orientation. Available for speaking events:

  • Business Marketing
  • Online Strategy
  • Marketing Education

List of engagements:

Feb 15, 2014 - The Women Entrepreneurs Santa Fe Network Speaker: "When Business Is Slow You Move Ahead"
Feb 7, 2014
Friday Network Lunch Speaker & Sponsor for event at La Posada Santa Fe: "By Joining Together We Are Stronger"
Jan 24, 2014 - San Diego Guest Book - By Joining Together We Are Stronger

July 6, 2013 - The Women Entrepreneurs Santa Fe Network Speaker: "The Power of Domain Names"
May 7, 2013 - Career Ambassador at Explores career and college educational event.

October 16, 2012 - Emerging Artisans Network, 8-Step Process to Building a Highly Visible and Complete Online Presence
September 22, 2012
San Diego Entrepreneur Day, 10am - 6pm, 10th & J Street, Free and Open to the Public, Booth# TBA
September 10, 2012
- HERE & NOW 7:30 - 8:15pm, How To Appraise and Develop Your Internet Real Estate
August 14, 2012 - California Society of Enrolled Agents - San Diego Chapter, How To Appraise and Develop Your Internet Real Estate
July 6, 2012 - San Diego Association of Nonprofits, How To Appraise and Develop Your Internet Real Estate
March 16th - Savvy CEO Strategies, Speaking: "The Golden Key: Domain Names"
March 19th - WINK,
El Cajon, 6pm, speaking: "The Golden Key: Domain Names"

December 16th - Savvy CEO Strategies, Speaking: "The 80 Million New Millennials"
August 19th -
Savvy CEO Strategies, Speaking: "What is a business ecosystem?"
Create one in this women only Meetup 11:30 at Park Manor Suites
July 27th - San Diego Job Corps, Speaking topic: Your Web Presence & Profile: ONLINE
May 13th - Savvy CEO Strategies, 5 Secrets to Outsmarting Google©
January 14th
National Association of Women Business Owners. Speaking topic: 10 Keys to Transforming Your Online Marketing
January 21st -
Savvy CEO Strategies, Speaking topic: Trends & Forecasts - Cloud Computing, Mobile Workforces, Video Conferencing :

October 8th - Savvy CEO Strategies, Terra Restaurant. Speaking topic: Domain Name Strategies
July 15
- Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Speaking topic: How to Get Your New Business ONLINE
July 12th
- National Association of Professional Organizers. Speaking topic: Is Technology Working for You? Fundamentals of Successful Online Marketing
June 14th - Team Women Business Networking in Carlsbad. Speaking topic: Internet Marketing Demystified
June 11th - Team Women Metro, Terra Restaurant. Speaking topic: No One is Exactly Like You - the meaning of Branding

SD Feng Shui Certificaton School. Speaker: Marketing your Profession

Mastery of Life: Deep Yoga, San Diego, CA
Co-Active Coaching: The Coaches Training Institute, San Francisco, CA
Organization Systems: Franklin Covey, San Diego, CA; Dun & Bradstreet, Denver, CO
Search Engine Marketing, Software: UCSD, Platt College, San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Local Member:
Savvy CEO Stratgies
(Metro San Diego)
Sophia Life & Circle
(Service to Women who Serve San Diego)

Past member:
(American Business Women's Association)
eWomenNetwork (speaker and member)
GSDBA (technology advisory board)
SDWI (board member)

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