Open Your Business to the World

Please use the intake form to tell us more. General questions here. eCommerce questions below.

  1. New web site a redesign?
  2. Do you have an outline of your needs, or a page count?
  3. Who is your company or service? What is your audience and or demographics?
  4. What social media/share buttons do you want on your site?
  5. What “call to action” do you want users to see? Example: “Join Now”, “Schedule”, “Call Us”, “Buy”, “Register.”
  6. Do you want to harvest user information and contact info in order to pre-qualify or build your client list? Are there other forms you will need?
  7. What is your time frame?
  8. Is your company interested in: Search Engine Services/Optimization; Email; Video; Shopping Cart?
  9. Do you have a budget?
  10. What is most important to you? What websites do you like and why? What web sites do you dislike?

Additional information such as “What does your company do/contribute that is unique? Do your images need re-sizing or a copyright watermark? Do you need stock photos?” will help us understand our goals.

eCommerce questions:

  1. Design: Please tell us about your aesthetics and preferences to reflect your brand
  2. Products, variations, categories, photography, product descriptions:
    What’s your product?
    What does it do?
    Is it a product that ships from a store/shop or will this be a digital store only?
    How many are there?
    Is it a basic product or are there any variations (different sizes, colors, etc.)?
    Do you offer a membership area to any of your customers? How about subscriptions?
    Do you have product photography?
    Do you have product descriptions?
    Are there categories that I need to be aware of?
  3. Do you have SKUs assigned to your products?
  4. Taxes – what areas do you ship? US? International?
  5. Shipping
    Who’s your shipping provider?
    What are your shipping and pricing rules?
    Do you have a shipping region?
    Are you only shipping within US or are you shipping to Europe and Asia as well?
    Do you want to get live rates from the website, or do we want to figure out some fixed shipping costs?
  6. Third-Party Integration – Think of MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce and any other platform that might need to “speak” with your client’s new eCommerce store.
  7. Payments – PayPal Stripe, Square?
  8. Hosting preferences?
  9. Preferred timeline?